Fedora, MovableType, Apache and Perl

Getting this box built and running sure has been a major challenge. I have been a big RedHat user for quite a while, but with their annoucement that they will no longer support or develop a personal version I needed to go else where. A buddy of mine strongly recommended that I look at moving to FreeBSD. I looked in the system and actually tried to do an install, but the learning curve was just too high right. (I might look into it again, because it does appear to be a more stable server platform). So I finally decided to go with Fedora. Fedora is RedHat’s new community driven development project. It is intended to be a little bit more cutting edge. Boy I sure had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The Fedora install is very similar to the traditional RedHat installs, but I had a struggle to get it installed on an ancient Dell Latitude CP laptop. Normally most older RedHat installs went smoothly, but this one … I first downloaded the ISO images and burned a set of CDs. They had problems so I burned a second set. Then I tried a different CD Drive, still no go. I then tried an install via FTP, but I always ran into a corrupt package. Finally I NFS mounted the ISO images and was able to get it installed that way. OUCH!! It took me like 2 weeks get the basic box up an running.

After that things went smoothly. I got Gallery installed, as well as Turck MMCache. Turck MMCache is a free open source PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cache for PHP (it’s supposed to make PHP scripts faster). Next I wanted to a blog program. I had seen that MovableType had recently been recognized along with SpamAssassin as the best OpenSource Software so I tried an install. It was not the easiest install but I got it working yesterday.

But on my lowly 266 MHz laptop, it is quite slow. So I decided to install mod_perl for Apache so that I could get a performance boost. Long story short … that too is proving to be a challenge too.

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