Coming and goings

Today we finally took down the Christmas tree. That sure is a big job (and messy too). Fern is upstairs wrapping up the last ornaments, while I’m down here uploading a whole bunch of Christmas pictures to our Photo Gallery. One of things that I need to figure out, is do I really need to upload all the full resolution pictures. They take up a lot of space, so maybe I just need to upload the smaller version and people can email us if they want the larger ones.

Ellie has been handful tonight, full of energy and getting into everything. Fern and I are about out of energy dealing with her. She is a fantastic daughter, but quite tiring tonight. Well, it’s back to work tomorrow and time to go up stairs and get ready for bed.

AAAGGGHHHH!!!! It looks like the new version of the Gallery software is putting the pictures up in reverse order, all 88 of them. I will have so see what I can do about that (it may just be faster to upload them all again), but that is for another day.

Well, I was able to get them basically back in order by using the sort by Picture-Date function.

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