Another week over

Another week is now over, but once again it feels like I’ve worked really hard but didn’t get anything accomplished. That’s not quite true; we spent the afternoon today going through all of the old machines that we had here. We stripped all the old parts that might be of any use out of them, and got rid of the rest of the equipment. We may a big dent in stuff, and now we actually have some room and some decent machines left. In the next couple of weeks we’ll finish the process up and finally be clean again.

I’m just about ready to head for home. I don’t know how much time I’ll have for “playing” this weekend. I need to do more cleaning and pitching in the office to make room for stuff from the guest room. As always I have laundry to do, I need to get a haircut, I need to start work on the videos for Mom, Fern is going to a “Girls Night Out” dinner on Saturday, and as always I want to get as much sleep as possible.

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