Busy day today

Today is a busy day, I’ve already spent 2+ hours helping friends move into their new house (they still have more to do but they have plenty of help), I’ve just finished my second shower of the day. Now we’re having a small family gathering for Chuck (my brother-in-law) before he leaves for Dover AFB on Wednesday. Chuck and Fern’s parents drove out last night, we’re going to have an early brunch at the house, then we’re going on a trip to the REI store. Chuck needs a number of things for deployment so we’re going on a shopping spree. After that it is back to the house for more food. Fern’s parents have to leave later this evening so they can be back in Pittsburgh for Sunday.

After all of that, Fern and I hope to call our good friend Shawn who lives in Cincinnati. He’s looking for a new job and asked for some assistance on updating/polishing his resume. Little did he realize what he was getting into when he asked. Fern is fantastic at putting the right spin on things via the written word, and I’ve seen a lot of resumes as a manager and I know what things I look for when reviewing. Needless to say, Shawn is going to be new person by the time we’re done (and probably a little overwhelmed).

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