Minor updates

I’m been working late a lot this week, and just too tired/burned out to write much sorry. So here are few misc. things. I purchased a USB 2.0 card to put in my PC last weekend. I needed it for two reasons. One my new scanner is a USB 2.0 scanner and it was just too low over the 1.1 that was in the computer. The second was that my PC only had 2 USB ports and I had to keep plugging and unplugging cables and devices.

What to clean? There is some much that needs to be cleaned in the house. I hope to make some progress in the office so that Fern can move more of her stuff down into it. I also need to do some serious work in our bedroom and my bathroom.

It’s tax time again, I’m going to try and put about an hour this weekend into getting prepared. I need to finish updating Quicken. I’m usually 2-3 months behind in entering data. So that is where I plan to work first. Hopefully I can get caught up all the way before the weekend is over.

Finally we have Ellie’s blessing at church this weekend.

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