GroupWise and Exchange 2003 Migration

Our work on migrating our email system for GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange 2003 has made some significant progress in the past couple of days. We now have email and calendar information flowing between the two systems. Our biggest step this week was testing how Internet email was handled. We first tested inbound Internet SMTP email through GroupWise’s GWIA. While we were able to get this to work (had to add /DIA to the gwia.cfg file), this modified the senders email address on the Exchange server to reference the GWIA. This would be fine, except once the GWIA was gone, people would no longer be able to reply to the messages.

So next we tried using Exchange as the inbound SMTP gateway. This works great and mail is passed between the systems correctly. Outbound Internet email will go directly out the Exchange side for Exchange users, and out the GWIA for the GroupWise. The only downside, is that all Internet email will be going through the Exchange servers. This might cause problems as we refine the configuration and modify the servers.

Which leads to the third options, and that is to pass the email through a linux box first. On that box we’d configure virtual email domains and address rewriting so that we could direct the emails to the systems where the users reside. This means that we’d have to manage a third system in the process.

I think for testing purposes (with our trial users in production), we’ll use the third option, but once we’re pretty confident, then we’ll cut over to all inbound emails going through Exchange.

For the latest update on the migration check here.

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