Work updates

Sorry the updates have been slow lately. I’ve been busy, working late most nights so by the time I’m ready to leave it’s either too late for me to write an update or I’m just too tired.

I’ve been working to complete the migration of our network monitoring system to a new server. At the same time, I’m implementing a new menu driven system for reporting. I’m sure that there are easier ways. It would also help if I was a programmer, but I’m working through the code slowly. Our current system is a hodge podge of trending and usage information. I added different monitoring pieces as I needed to track something. Now I’m having to reorganize, and I am trying to make it consistent and uniform at the same time. It will probably take me another good week or two finish it up.

I’ve promised myself and Fern, that barring and emergency I will come home on time the rest of the week. It’s tough, because I want to make progress on a wide number of things, but I just get so busy dealing with the day to day activities that require my supervision or direction that before I know it, its 5:00.

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