Groupwise-Exchange Roadblock

We hit a road block today. We had thought that we could direct all incoming SMTP email in through the exchange server. The problem we found today is that it does not pass HTML formated email correctly into GroupWise. So now I’m going back to the drawing board and trying to figure out virutal email domains so that we can maintain a userlist on our linux mail servers and have them forward the email into the right system. YUK!

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  1. Gerry

     /  June 22, 2004

    Does your HTML mail work between the two systems as we have problems with it becoming a MIME attachment.

  2. Bill

     /  September 22, 2006

    My account is setup in Exchange 2003, running Outlook 2003, using the novell connector. When I recv a message from the outside (using connector) from somebody, it changes all the recipents domain to the senders domain.

    Example, I send a message from my verizon account ( , and cc 5 other people , and my hotmail account ( ) all of the recipients, are changed to the domain of the sender (so all say ).

    If you reply to all, you will get undeliverables because of the wrong domains. But,if you open the MIME.822 file, it shows them all as being correct.
    Have you ever seen this?

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