It’s fixed

Can you believe that there is a hidden reset switch on a laptop. I’ve had a Sony Viao laptop that won’t power-on. No matter what we did would get it work. I got out the volt meter to make sure that the power adapter was supplying power. Well I brought it into the office today, and gave it to my main Help Desk Tech. He did a quick search and found a reset switch on the bottom of the unit (it was a tiny hole without any label). After pressing that, it has worked no stop all day.

It is actually a nice little laptop. It is super thin, but a little flimsy. It is only a 333MHz machine with 64 MB of RAM, but it does have a 1024×768 display which is nice. So the question is what do I do with it now. I’m thinking about installing linux on it and replacing one of my older linux laptop servers (like the one that this blog is running on). But I just don’t know. I will have to think about this for a while.

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  1. where is the tiny hole exactly in the sony to reset it

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