Museum, Party, and Travels

Yesterday we traveled to Philadelphia to see friends and attend a birthday party. The day started off at the Please Touch Museum, a children’s museum specifically designed for children seven years and younger. While being a little pricy especially considering all the tolls we had to pay, it was a really well done place with lots of things for the kids to experience. If you got a membership and lived in/near the city then it would be a great deal. After meeting our friends there, we had lunch at another muesum near by, then drove to Helga’s house. (Helga was Fern’s college roommate). We’re we had the birthday party for the twins (a 4 year old boy and girl). We stayed and played until 9 PM then drove home. It was a long day, but Ellie had fun, and it was good to see our college friends again.

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  1. Fern

     /  April 2, 2004

    Just a minor correction… we stayed until 9 PM, not AM. That really would have made for a long day!

  2. Oops – I just corrected. Thanks!

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