Picture of bunk beds

We finally got a picture of the bunk beds as well as the bedding that we thinking about getting. While we liked the look of the 2 over 3 dresser, we knew that Ellie would need more storage space so we opted for the 5 drawer dresser. We also like the book case, but is was pretty expensive and we don’t know if we will have room for everything, so we held off for now.

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  1. Sharon Nerhood

     /  April 19, 2004

    Half the fun of shopping for your child’s room is watching the child’s reaction. You were half the joy for us when all of us chose your bedroom furniture 28 years ago. You studied pictures and decided on the colors and theme for your room (now Dad’s office), right down to the wooden shutters that you wanted on the lower half of the window. You had a nautical theme and even had an anchor door knocker on your door. Such wonderful memories. Grandma Whitlock came over and taught me how to make to the bedspreads from the fabric you had chosen. You asked for the two huge pillows I made so you could comfortably sit on the floor and lean against the wall. They were red and white. I believe you and Fern still have them. Thanks for the pictures. It will be fun to see Snickelfritz’s room when it is finished. Mom

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