April recap

April was a really busy month for me and I didn’t get a chance to keep the blog updated as much as I wanted. Things at work seemed to just snowball from bad to worse. We had massive server problems that resulted in over 2 days of complete downtime for the organization. The whole email migration thing just gets nastier the closer we get. Let alone trying to get ready for the baby by cleaning out the guest room and turning it into Ellie’s new room.

A couple of interesting stats about this blog. April was the most active month so far, I had 703 unique visitors spread over 1199 different visits. Great Britain was the second highest country behind the US in terms of visitors. The top search phrase used to get to the site was “digital diary” at 20 searches, but the terms groupwise and exchange were the most popular phrases at 174 and 170 searches. 28 visitors added the site to these favorites lists.

It was interesting to watch traffic to the site because Google does some weird things. I got a lot of traffic when my Migrating from GroupWise to Exchange posts (1, and 2) were both fresh, but after a while Google drops them and my traffic drops precipitously. We are getting a lot closer on the migration, and I expect to be posting at least 2 articles this month about the topic so that should help the site.

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