Migrating GroupWise to Exchange (migration errors with reminder notes)

One of the things that we have been trying to overcome is problems related to the migration of certain data from GroupWise to Exchange. In particular we’ll get a crash of the Exchange Migration Wizard when trying to migrate some users. We’ve been able to track the problem down to Reminder Notes. Not all notes cause the problems; in fact most come over just fine. We’ve not be able (yet) to find any commonalties with the ones that don’t.

We’ve tried running all of the known GroupWise analyze and fix utilities, we’ve even tried rebuilding the database, but none of this has had any effect. If anyone has any ideas we’d love to hear about it.

We’ve had this crash happen with two users so far (out of about 7). What we will probably end up doing is give all of our users a warning that their reminder notes may not get migrated. We will try to migrate the entire account, but if it bombs then we’ll skip all reminder notes.

If you’re interested you can check some of our issues (Personal Address Books, and inbound SMTP redirection)

We’re now experiencing the same problem with calendar items as detailed in this posting.

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  1. Juan Botes

     /  May 8, 2004

    Sorry, I cannot help with your Reminder Notes problem, but we have problem with our directory updates, between Exchange 2003 and Groupwise.

    When we build lab Groupwise box, and point the Exchange 2003 Groupwise connector to the lab server is sync perfect, but when pointing it to the live Groupwise error message we get reads:
    “error reading record from wp directory services”

    Mial is transferred accross the connector with no errors thus users can email each other.

    we have about 7000 more users to do 😮


  2. OK, so I’m biased 😉 but maybe shoulda tried Lotus instead of Micro$oft :).

    But really, I know when my company migrated to Microsoft exchange that all kinds of issues were experienced. Many lost all their mail, and we all suffered connectivity issues and bounced mails for several months. But we are talking about 85,000 mail accounts here also.

    Tried to convince the powers that be to use inotes or notes mail to no avail. Ex-IBM exec said no IBM Products at Spxxxx 😦


  3. Juan – sorry, none of my guys experienced that particular problem. Good Luck

    Keith – The last time that I used notes was over 7 years ago. We used it at a government location that was 95% Mac (talk about fun). It was a decent system, but that was at the time when you couldn’t hire a developer to save your soul. We were paying over $80 K/year for a junior developer (6 month experience or less) and $100+ K for a “experienced” developer.

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