Resume business

It seems that we should open up a resume writing business. Over the past couple of months we have helped a growing number of friends improve their resumes. Both Fern and I work on them together. We have a format that looks professional, then we help put the right spin, details and keywords into the resume. Fern’s marketing, writing and artistic skills help make the language pop off the page, and my technical background as well as being a hiring manager helps to get the details of the person to highlight specific skills and accomplishments that hopefully make them stand out from all the rest.

All of this takes time, most of which happens late at night. We’re happy to do this for our friends, but it might make a nice side business.

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  1. S. Nerhood

     /  May 11, 2004

    Indeed, you should consider marketing a skill that is badly needed, especially if it is occuring, let’s say, on a weekly basis. This requires a serious cut into to your rest time/family time. The extra dollars would certainly create a nice beginning for college accounts for the girls.

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