Exchange/Outlook 2003 resources

In preparing for our migration from GroupWise to Exchange and Outlook 2003, I ran across a number of useful sites and figured that share them.

Outlook 2003
The University of Iowa Information Technology Services group has a section called Exchange Support that has good documentation and FAQs, including a guide for users migrating from Eudora

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services has an Outlook 2003 User Guide available as a pdf.

I have started reading a number of good blogs that are written by Microsoft people. A couple of them can be found in my Blog Roll, but I found this post that has an OPML of Exchange bloggers. OPML is a file format that can be used to exchange subscription lists between programs that read RSS files, such as feed readers and aggregators. RSS is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites and blogs. It makes reading and staying on up-to-date on all of the blogs much easier.

Another good site is They have strategy guides for migrations, as well as checklists, roadmaps, and best practices. They also have some tools for making mass migrations easier (however we’re struggling to get them working, but …). They also have a tool Spark that will import a GroupWise .NAB export file directly into Outlook contacts.

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