To read or to listen

I am continually amazed at the enjoyment that I get from listening to books on tape. My all-time favorite book is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I’ve read it numerous times. The sequel to Ender’s Game is Speaker for the Dead. While part of the Ender Saga, Speaker is a much different book. It deals with entirely different issues and is much more philosophical in nature. I’ve read it at least 3 times, but never enjoyed it as much as Ender’s Game.

This past week I listened to Speaker on tape (the unabridged version of course). This reading was done by a full cast (at least 5 different readers). It was truly amazing! The story was brought to life much more than I ever got from reading the book. I would not say that for every reading. Parts of the book are in Portuguese which I would just skim over because I don’t know the language, but here you great to hear the words. While you still don’t understand the meaning you get a much better flow for the story.

If you’ve never read Ender’s Game, then do by all means do so. You’ll either love it or hate it. In either case I recommend that you listen to Speaker for the Dead.

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