GroupWise to Exchange Migration Check List

Here is the long overdue migration checklist that we used for our GroupWise to Exchange 2003 migration. Some of the steps are specific to our configuration that arose from problems we faced (see these postings for more detail 1, 2, and 3). We produced 1 sheet per user via Mail Merge. The techs would check off each step, and then sign and date when complete.

GroupWise to Exchange Account Migration Check List

  • Email enable AD account (hide account) and Force Replication
  • Verify user Re-import Archived mail and cleaned out mailbox
  • Have user log out of GroupWise
  • List GroupWise Group membership for user
  • Update Linux mail gateway with new address
  • Reset GroupWise Email Password
  • Add proxy rights for migrate user
  • Export contacts (record address book names)
  • Count number of messages in all folders including sent items
  • Migrate User
    • Test Migrate Calendar (two step)
      Note: Sucess will show 1 message exported, fail equals 0
      • If fail, then attempt calendar test without reminder items or shorter date range, repeat until successful
      • If can’t migrate at all, print calendar for user
      • If successful, then migrate user
    • Migrate User (one or two step)
    • If count of messages export is close (+ or – 10) then continue, else
      1. Delete all migrated mail in exchage
      2. Archive all mail
      3. Reimport in batches and migrate, deleting each batch after migration
  • Unhide Exchange email account.
  • Add user to Migrated Users groups for software removal/install
  • Force Directory Update in GroupWise Connector on Exchange Server
  • Group Membership Changes
  • If last GroupWise user in GroupWise group
    • Recreate group in Exchange
    • Add all exchange users
    • Delete Group in GW
    • Update Linux mail gateway w/

    If not last GroupWise user in GroupWise group

    • Add user to group in GW
  • Delete GroupWise Account
  • Force Directory Update in GroupWise Connector on Exchange Server
  • Correct Linux mail gateway by email address by removing and check exchange email address.
  • Convert .NAB/Address book files
  • Log into account as user and Import Contacts
  • Tell User to reboot to install Outlook and remove GroupWise
  • Have user log in

  • Have user create .pst file and “Archive” any extra mail that they might need/want
  • Send email to user on how to cleanup attachment issue (MIME.822 files)
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  1. Yogita

     /  July 10, 2014

    Thanks Kbn, for the complete check list. But to perform migration with this method would be so time taking and risky. This is the reason, I always prefer to use third party migrator tools. These days we are using “Stellar GroupWise to Exchange Migrator”, the mentioned tool is secure and easy to use. The only limitation is “Its a paid utility”.

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