Migrating Remote Office GroupWise Users to Exchange

Now that we have finally finished the migration of our headquarter users from GroupWise to Exchange, we are getting started on our remote office users. Our current configuration consists of a GroupWise server in each of our 6 remote offices (no matter how small). Our goal with the Exchange 2003 migration is to consolidate as much as possible. We’ve already tested with one office by migrating their email accounts to our headquarters Exchange server. The cached-mode feature of Outlook 2003 makes this very nice.

Our process for migrating the remaining users is to move their GroupWise mailboxes from the remote servers overnight to the main GroupWise server here at the HQ office. Then perform the migration locally to the Exchange server because of the numerous problems we’ve had with corrupted entries (see here and here). For most users this will work well, but we do have a couple of users with 4 GB GroupWise mailboxes. We’re trying to get them to clean up, but …

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