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A few years ago, before kids when I had free time, I was working hard on compiling all of the family genealogy information that had been collected. Fern’s Grandfather had done a lot of work as had my Grandfather. I even produced a book in memory of Fern’s Grandparents. A couple of weeks ago Fern’s bother, who is stationed in Qatar, asked a question about his ancestors and this got me thinking about what I could do for him.

I have been using Reunion a program on the Mac. It makes nice static web pages, but when I did an export it created over 6,000 web pages. I didn’t really like that so I went looking something that could accept a GEDCOM import.

GEDCOM is an abbreviation for GEneological Data COMmunications, and is a standard format for transmitting or transferring genealogical from one computer system or program to another.

I found phpGedView. PhpGedView is an open source product which parses GEDCOM genealogy files and displays them on the internet in a format similar to desktop programs. One of the additional benefits is that people can enter, and update the information on the pages. This is not something that other web products offered.

I’ve installed phpGedView on my server and imported our data. It was really easy and amazingly is not very slow even on my machine. For the time being, I have set the software so that only family members can login. If you are a member of the Meinzer, Nerhood, Whitlock, or Wingert families click on this link, or the My Family Tree link on the main page to access the site or request an account.

For my family, I hope you enjoy this look into our history, and please feel free to update any information that you find. For the rest of the world look into your past, and install phpGedView to help you share it.

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