Hello World (the short version)

After much anticipation Fern delivers our second child today. Here is the short version of our very fast adventure. If you want to see pictures, please visit our photo gallery.

4:00 AM
Fern wakes up and wants to clean the house, but forces herself to go back to sleep after using the bathroom.

6:00 AM
Wakes up again, uses bathroom and goes back to bed.

7:09 AM
Fern has first painful contraction

7:25 AM
I decided to stay home as Fern as had a few more contractions

7:33 AM
Send email to office stating that I will be out of the office, and expect to be back in on Thursday or Friday

Call Doctor and doula (birthing companion)

8:30 AM
Contractions getting stronger

9:00 AM
Try to find place for Ellie to go

9:21 AM
Strong contractions now about 5 minutes apart

9:23 AM
Water breaks!

9:30 AM
Trying to get a hold of doctor

9:35 AM
Take Ellie down the street, caregiver has to leave at noon

9:45 AM
Still trying to coordinate other locations for Ellie. Painful contractions!

9:50 AM
Leave house, drop off keys and car seat. Very painful contractions about 2-3 minutes apart.

9:53 AM
Start mad dash to hospital. Fern screaming/growling in car, in transition labor. Keeps yelling for me to drive faster (already going 75 MPH).

10:15 AM
Arrive at Howard County Hospital. Taken in wheelchair to Labor and Delivery. I park car.

10:18 AM
I catch up to Fern at nurses desk at L&D trying to get checked in.. She lets out a scream/growl of pain, is instantly whisked into room by at least 8 people. I scurry to catch up. (There was still clothing in the room from the previous occupants who had a c-section).

10:21 AM
Fetal monitor attached. Trying to locate doctor. Fern starts pushing. A Certified Nurse Midwife was there and started helping with delivery while waiting for doctor.

10:35 AM
Doula arrives with birthing ball (wasn’t needed). Helps with delivery, and stays after to comfort.

10:46 AM
Sarah Paige is delivered. A healthy 8 lbs. 6.7 oz. and 20″ long baby girl. Fern and baby doing well.

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  1. Congratulations!!!! If you’ve never raised a girl before your in for a treat. MUCH harder than boys and MUCH more demanding :D.


  2. Lynda Piel

     /  September 1, 2004

    Though I’ve had just one child and she’s ALL girl…she’s not been difficult OR demanding. She is 19 now and in her second year of college.

    I think setting realistic goals and limitations to kids is key. They need to learn the value in being thoughtful about what they do.

    As soon as they’re old enough to do something wrong, they’re old enough to learn that there are consequences to not doing as is expected.

    For example: I taught her that it was important to do a good job at school because learning was like building her house. I told her that for everything she learns well, there’s a good solid brick of knowledge around which to place the next one. Things not learned well created bricks that were full of holes…not strong and not healthy. They don’t go away and it’s really hard to go back and try to fix them later.

    In the second grade she came home and told me that she made lots of good bricks for her house. I had to think for a minute exactly what that meant…and she reminded me that she learned a “bunch of new stuff” that day and the bricks would be strong. Guess she listened after all! Even with the breakup of our household (when Dave left last year) she made the Dean’s List both semesters last year and she’s looking forward to continuing the building process by becoming a teacher to help other kids build their futures.

    Blessings and peace!! You’ll do GREAT! The Lord, after all, IS in control!

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