Goodbye GroupWise

We’ve finished our GroupWise to Exchange migration! All in all, things went very well; it just took a long time to get started and then it was a lot of manual effort to perform the tasks. We’ve still got a little bit of clean up to do, but as of today GroupWise is no more in production.

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  1. Fernando

     /  November 23, 2004

    Please Help me …. How You migrate Groupwise calendar to Exchange ?? Did you use what tool to migrate Groupwise to Exchange?

  2. We used the Migration Wizard that came with Exchange. It worked pretty well, with a few notable exceptions as documented here and here. The only custom code we wrote was to do address book translation and importation. You can either look through the Techie category to find more information or do a search for GroupWise off the main blog page.

  3. A year and 8 months later, are you happy with Exchange? We are going to be installing Netware and Groupwise. I’ve always been happy with the solid products Novell puts out. Not so much with Microsoft. Why did you switch?

  4. Cheryl,

    We have never looked back. We love our Exchange implementation, and are overall quite pleased with our Microsoft solution. We’ll still admit that Novell makes a superior file server, but we needed more than that.

    In fact we had both Novell and Microsoft servers running. In the end it was too costly to keep paying for Novell file and Microsoft app and web servers, as well as the fact that some of our apps required MS in order to work.

    So in the end it was a business and convience solution. In a perfect world we’d all be running Mac OS everywhere, but I won’t even go there. 🙂

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