Due to a dumb mistake (deleting my old blog database by accident), I was sort of forced to into migrating my blog to new software. Becuase I was playing with WordPress before the accident, that is what I went with. I still have a lot to due to fix everything, but we’re slowly coming back online. I’ll be fixing sections as I go along, as well as the look and feel so please bear with the mess for the time being.

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  1. Looking good so far.


  2. Thanks, it’s still a major work in progress. With the new baby I get little time to work on it. Every day I find things that need to be fixed. Like right now I see problems on this comment page. I will get a round to them all some day.

  3. 😀 Like my grandfather always says, “I can look out any door or any window and see a whole day’s work”. Same with my website, I can look at any just about page just about and see a whole day’s work.


  4. It’s a neverending adventure. The more that I read and surf, the more things I see and think “that’s cool” or “that would be great to add to my site”. But, I have so little personal play time anymore. Some day I may get it close.

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