I Hate Microsoft

Once again, my love hate relationship with Microsoft rears it ugly head. Late last month our upgrade protection contract with Microsoft came do. Working with our vendor CDW, at the request from Microsoft, we tried to convert to an Enterprise Licensing Agreement. CDW had been successful getting out companies of our size to convert with favorable terms. We had a deadline of July 31, 2004 to get everything done.

The first proposal from Microsoft was way off base. It had a lot of stuff that we didn’t want, and it didn’t take into account any of the remaining value on products that were still covered. So we sent a response back, and 2 weeks later we got another proposal. This one was actually worse than the first. So we tried to set up a conference call. It got scheduled, and everyone but the Microsoft people participated. At this point we had less than a week and a half to find a solution. Oh and Fern was due with Sarah on July 30th. So we went down a different path, and ended up putting together a consolidated Select Agreement. After a flurry of 4 or 5 different quotes in the space of two days (each on had at least 15 different line confusing line items) we get everything signed and processed on July 29th. The day before Sarah arrived.

Skip forward 1 month. I was finally getting around to reviewing and filing the paperwork from the executed agreement, and I noticed that the order that was placed was missing 1 very big and significant item (to the tune of $13,000 per year). OUCH! It seems that that somehow the last quote left the item off the list. This was also the one that contained their “updated and discounted” prices. So later today I get to back to head of the company and explain what happened and get him to sign the order for the additional software. If Microsoft had just played fair from the beginning, reacted in a timely fashion, or made their commitments (i.e. conference calls) this would not have happened. Once again, thanks Microsoft!

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