Ellie’s new bike

This past weekend there was a very large community yard sale called the Kids Kloset where everyone sells children’s stuff. The whole family went. We brought some clothes for Ellie and Sarah, some shoes for Sarah. Ellie also got a dollar to spend. She bought a cup for Sarah for 50¢, a baby doll with backpack for 25¢, and a new jump rope for 25¢. She had a great a time and was really good. But the one thing that she kept asking (very nicely) for was a “pink thing with handlebars, and a bell, and a basket, and streamers.” It was cute, she never said the word, “Bike.”

Fern and I had been talking about getting Ellie a “real” bike for a while. She has been using a neighbor’s bike all summer. I was trying to hold off until next spring when we could get her a new one that would hopefully last her a couple of years. Ellie had obviously seen the bikes there. So after some discussion and haggling, we bought Ellie a pink bike with a basket, bell, baby carrier, and streamers for $10. After getting some air in the tires and cleaning it up, it is really nice. She loves it, and has been riding it every chance she gets.

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