Site redesign v3

Welcome to new site design, I hope you like it. I’ve spent a lot time over the last month working to improve the look, feel, and functionality of the site. The basic site design is a theme called Kubrick from Michael Heilemann. I’ve copied some of his other site structures as well for other parts of the site.

To maintain the same look and feel across the entire site, I’ve also updated our photo gallery. In the near future I may restucture it in order to increase the performance.

The water lilly picture in the header is one that I took in Septmember of 2003. I really enjoy taking pictures of flowers, espically water lillies. Some day I may upload them, but unfortunately a lot of the good one predate the purchase of our digital camera.

Over the couse of the next couple of days, I will be tightening up the code for the site, as well as posting more details about the specific changes that I have made.

For a sense of perspective, here are the two previous site designs:


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  1. OK, I don’t feel so bad now, seems you’ve also went through several over-hauls of the look, functionality and feel of your website.


  2. I think I’m done for a while. There are couple of minor things that I want to tweak, but it will stay this way for quite a while.

    Hopefully now I can spend more time writing about interesting things and posting pictures, then playing with the site. 😉

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