Something to be thankful for

We definitely have something to be thankful for this day. Fern and the girls were in a serious car accident. On the way home for the pediatrician (Ellie has a bad cough) a car cut out in front of the van, and Fern plowed right into it. The other car veered off and hit a third vehicle. Everyone is OK (they did take the driver of the car to the hospital).

The front of the van is totaled. So in a little over 12 months we’ve had the rear end smashed and now the front. The poor van isn’t even 2 years old yet. Fern got a couple of burns and bruises when the air bag deployed, but is doing fine. She will probably be stiff in the morning. The girls both seem fine too. I’m just so thankful that everyone is fine.

This is Fern’s account of what happend:

Ellie, Sarah, and I were in an accident on 108 at Thunder Hill Road in Columbia. Everyone involved is fine. I have some minor bruises and a burn on my forearms (the burn is from the air bag), but they are already starting to heal today. The girls were upset, but physically unhurt. The driver at fault had more cuts and bruises, but I’m told he will be fine and is feeling badly emotionally more than anything. The van is out of commission probably until New Years.

The gist is that a driver on Thunder Hill pulled out into traffic on 108. He was making a left turn to go west, while I was traveling east. Perhaps he didn’t see me, because there simply wasn’t enough space. It was raining and there were lots of cars on the road. It all happened so fast. I couldn’t stop fast enough or swerve out of the way and hit his SUV. He then hit a Wagoneer (I think that’s what it was) heading west that held a mom and her 3 kids. They are all fine.

The strange, though maybe not surprising part is that it seems that God was getting me ready for an accident. I read in the paper about one on Tuesday where many Good Samaritans came to help (a wonderful, kind man named Darryl helped me get the girls out of the van, and then out of the rain). Then I dreamed I was in an accident Tuesday night (so when we were out on Wednesday I was thinking about what I could do to be extra safe and careful). And then both on Sunday at church and on Monday at our parents-group dinner, I spoke with a man named Mike Anuszewski. I don’t know him well, but he is in another New Parents group like ours. Amazingly, Mike was one of the emergency personnel that responded to the accident. It was very calming to have a familiar face there; and Mike helped me find my cell phone in the mess of the van so I could call Ken and family to pick us up. And earlier this month we took a tour at the local firehouse and Ellie got to stand inside an Ambulance. After yesterday’s accident, Ellie, Sarah, and I sat in an Ambulance for a little while to get out of the rain.

We are very thankful to God that no one was seriously hurt.

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  1. Rebecca (Michael's Wife)

     /  November 26, 2004

    I am so glad the girls are ok. Michael told me the other night, we were keeping our fingers crossed!

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