Ellie’s secret prayer

Here is part of a conversation that Ellie had with her Mom today.

Ellie: I wonder if Crab has changed his shell?
Fern: Oh, Crab is in heaven with Jesus. Remember?
Ellie: Oh yeah. Sometimes I miss Crab.
Fern: I do too.
Ellie: Sometimes I think about Crab and the accident. It makes me sad. Do you know what I did a few days ago?
Fern: No, what did you do a few days ago?
Ellie: I prayed to God.
Fern: What did you pray about?
Ellie: (Smiles) It’s a secret. It’s a secret between me, God, and Crab.
Ellie: If you are sad, Mommy, you should pray to God, too.
Fern: It helps make us feel better, doesn’t it?
Ellie: Yes, it does.

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