Computer Leases

At the office we lease all of Dell computers; so about every six months we have to return some and install new ones. We just completed our latest swap (roughly 65 computers). Normally this is a very smooth process for us. We have a system that works well and insures that all items get packaged correctly and are tracked. Except this time was a real nightmare. We followed the procedure, but for some reason we had to recheck everything at least 8 times and even open some boxes that we had already packed. Very frustrating! We get to do it again in January so hopefully things will go smoother this time.

As an aside, we do not lease directly from Dell (they are horrible to deal with and very rigid). We lease all of our computer equipment from Technology Leasing Concepts. They are fantastic! They are extremely flexible, and will do what ever we ask of them. Our representative is Susan Jacobs. If you are looking for a great leasing partner, give her a call.

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