Chuck E. Cheese use Linux

We were at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday for a birthday party. One of the games/machines was not working, specifically it was the Photo Sketch Booth. It is a little booth where you sit down, it takes a photo then pretends to draw the picture with a pencil. Anyway, the device was down, so one of the techs was there to fix it. I only caught part of the process, but when the guy turned the machine back on, I caught part of a linux bootup screen. I wasn’t able to catch much, like I couldn’t tell what distribution it was or what special services it might have loaded. Anyway I thought is was kind of neat to find an Open Source product in use a place like Chuck E. Cheese.

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  1. Cool! Glad you came. I missed you too.

  2. I just saw this same thing tonight. I blogged about it too here:

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