Over the Top Parenting

I ran across The Trixie Update site today while surfing. The site is the most extreme example of geek parenting that I have ever seen. They track, graph, and perform trend analysis on their child’s sleep patterns as well as diaper usage. Be sure and check out the graphs and stories of her sleep, diapers, food, milk, and growth. Wow, and I thought I was special just by having a blog.

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  1. From when Ellie was first born and not eatting, there are data charts that can tell you what she was doing (eating, sleeping, awake-happy, or awake-crying, and maybe more) every 15 minutes of the day. Then there is the calendar that shows what maternity outfit I wore each day to work. Then there is your graphic listing of search words that led folks to the site. Not quite the same as those graphs, but not completely different either. – F

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