Comic Relief

For a change a pace I thought that I would share a list of the comics that I read on a daily basis. Three of them are mainstream comics and the other two are web only.

User Friendly

User Friendly is the uber-geek cartoon. The cast of characters work at a small ISP and they are definitely Open Source friendly.


Zits details the trials and tribulations of Jemery (a 15 year old High School student), his parents and his friendly. A quirky insight in our lives as teenagers.

Funky Winkerbean

I remember reading Funky Winkerbean when I was in High School in Ohio. Back then the cast of characters were all High School students in an Ohio town. At lot of the situations were quite reminiscent of this things I was experience. Since then the characters has all grown up (just like I have). The neat thing about this comic is that it written by two guys who live in Akron, OH. They actually meet quite often in a pizza parlor that I used to frequent. That pizza joint is one of the central locations in the comic.

For Better or For Worse

For Better or For Worse is just a classic cartoon. It’s been neat to watch the kids grow up and now have children of their own.

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands is one that I have started reading recently. It is a little edgy side, but has some interesting characters.

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