Shadow of the Giant

Shadow of the Giant (Ender)Shadow of the Giant, the fourth and potentially final book in the Bean Quartet, will be published in March of this year. If you would like to get a jump on reading it, Orson Scott Card has posted the first three chapters on his website.

While this will probably be the last of the Bean specific books, there is rumored to be one more in Ender/Bean series that will tie the Bean/Peter stories to the future stories about Ender. And of course we are still waiting for the Ender’s Game movie to be produced. You can find out more by visiting Hatrack, the official website of Orson Scott Card.

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  1. i have not as of yet read the shadow of the giant but i am sure it will be as awe inspiring as the previous ender series. these books and other books written by orson scott card always leave me wanting more.

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