Our New Van

Our 2005 Honda Odyssey EX arrived about 7 hours ago. We love it!!!!!

Here are the basics of the deal:

Base price for vehicle + documentation fee: $25,640 ($113 over invoice)

Out-the-door price including destination charge, tags, tax, fees: $27,698

Extras included free: Mud flaps, wheel locks, trunk tray, delivery to our house (1.5 hours away)

Other factors: End of month in a snowy January (deals might be different at other times)

Sales person & dealership: Harry Nguyen, Internet Salesperson at Apple Honda, York, PA

Method: Requested quotes from 29 dealers through Cars.com and dealt with Internet sales departments via phone or email.

Time spent in dealership: 0 minutes

Full Story:
On Sunday night, 1-23-2005, Fern went to Cars.com. Entered our zip code and the vehicle we wanted: 2005 Odyssey EX-cloth. Choose a 250 mile radius from our home near BWI Airport in Maryland which gave me a long list of Honda dealers. Asked for quotes from 29 of them (you can only request 3 at a time, so this takes a little while) based on reputation and location. In the notes section of the request form, Fern mentioned that we are members of the OdyClub.

The next day Fern received a barrage of emails and phone calls. Dealer A offered X amount. Then Dealer B would call with their offer. Fern would say, that’s great, but I’ve already been offered X amount, and Dealer B would then offer something that cost less or had more extras included. She didn’t have to haggle, just state what had been offered. This continued through Thursday. We really couldn’t believe how we kept getting better and better offers on an Odyssey! Near the end, most of the dealers bowed out. Then Fern had trouble reaching the salesperson with the second-best deal. Time to finalize!

We settled on Apple Honda, and our salesperson Harry. He’s a very nice and friendly; a good guy. It was easy to deal with him and Apple Honda. All we had to do was fax driver licenses and our insurance card to him. He faxed the buy offer which had exactly the same prices on it as he had quoted me on the phone and via email. Nothing added. On Friday we completed a loan through our state credit union (SECU) (quotes from LendingTree and Honda were higher). Then today, Saturday at 11:15 AM, two of Harry’s drivers, Bob & Wayne, showed up with the van. Bob and Wayne were great. We sat down, signed a bunch of papers, Ken checked out the van usubg an extremely through checklist from another OdyClub member (alexmish). Shook hands and we had our van!

Buying this way still takes time, but it’s on your turf and your can feel confident you have the best deal. And not having to tote two little kids and their carseats to dealerships and then spend the seemingly requisite 3 hours when you finally make the purchase… Priceless!

Post note:
Last night, after we already had the loan check made out to Apple Honda, one last dealership called. When Fern told him what deal we had, he dropped down even more! But, it was too late. And we had a good deal at a good dealership.

Enough said.

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