Rolling Baby

Sarah is growing up really fast. She eats all the time and a lot too. She loves sweat sweet potatoes! While she is not crawling yet, she gets around very well by rolling all over the floor. It is quite fun to watch. We expect that in no time she will be crawling as she is already making the proper motions and can hold her self up very well.

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  1. “Sweat Potatoes” YUCK! How about Sweet Potatoes 😉

  2. Gotta love spell checkers 🙂 My excuse would be that I can’t type really well, but my grade school spelling scores would prove me wrong. I can’t spell very well either.

  3. Mom

     /  March 3, 2005

    I saw the “sweat” the first time I read the blog. The spelling makes perfect sense, even to a grownup. Eat, then sweat. Right? Unfortunately, English isn’t that logical. I wondered who would correct the spelling. I wan’t going to do it. I put in my time on that score for lots of years. First with my students, then with you, then back to the kids. As I tell Dad. Use grammar check. Spell check wouldn’t have caught that error. I love reading the blog. You do a good job.
    Love, Mom

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