Maia Mailguard (part 1)

Maia Mailguard is a Spam and Virus Management System.

Maia Mailguard is a web-based interface and management system for the popular amavisd-new e-mail scanner and SpamAssassin. Written in Perl and PHP, Maia Mailguard gives end-users control over how their mail is processed by virus scanners and spam filters, while giving mail administrators the power to configure site-wide defaults and limits.

Maia has an impressive list of features that make it really interesting and I have been spending most of the past week working to get a test box up and running. I finally got it up and going this afternoon. I still need to get the link that connects it to Exchange working so that I can have automatic user id linking.

My first impressions of the system are less than stellar. While I think it can do all that it says, I’m not sure how my users here will take to idea or the interface. I plan to spend a couple more days working with the system to see what I can get out of it before making a decision.

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  1. Ken,

    I set this up on my box because of your comments in this post on my site and I think I like what it can do, but I did have a few issues and was wondering how you got/get around them.

    My biggest issue was that it required the 06132003 (I think) version of amavis-new. It was with this version (stated in the documentation) that the included patch works for. I tried with the newest version with no success and after messing with it for a few hours gave up and went with the 06132003 version. This version patched fine, but produced mega-errors in the log, started with a lot of errors and wouldn’t shutdown properly. It also didn’t quarantine messages at is should have.

    The other issue I have is that it’s UGLY!!!

    I ended up going with the newer version of amavis-new and it still didn’t quarantine messages as it should. So, I ended up just uninstalling it and keeping everything back to normal.

    I think if the installation/configuration process were a little more refined, the patch worked with any version of amavis, there were more documentation documents and the look a little more customizable, this has the potential to be a good product, but the limited version of amavis-new is a big issue in my eyes and later “could” be a security issue if any are found with amavis.

    So, keep us updated in how this goes and if it works for you.


  2. Because of a number of things that I had read and my concerns about the older version of amavisd that it used, I decided to download the latest development version via svn. I did this for a couple of reasons. The first begin that it comes with an already patched version of amavisd-new 2.20 (while not the latest 2.2.1 it is much better than the 06132003 version) and it integrated just fine with minimal or no errors.

    The second reason sort of address one of yours and my complaints, that it is UGLY. The development versions have added the smarty template engine to make it easier to address the ugly interface issues. Granted the included interfaces still leave a lot to be desired but it does offer greater flexibility and they are better.

    The third reason is that in some ways it simplifies the interface by presenting the users with a one click off, low, med, high protection for easy administration.

    I still have a little more config and testing to do, but hopefully tomorrow I will roll it out to a limited set of users for testing and see if they think it will be beneficial to use for the firm as whole.

  3. Maia works fine with amavisd-new 2.2.0, you just have to get it from the subversion (svn) repository on Maia’s website. The development version in the repository contains a file called “amavisd-maia”
    released in the next few weeks. The best source for support and documentation at this point is the Maia-Users mailing list, which has searchable archives and a subscription link on the Maia website.

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