New Motorola v180 Cell Phone

Motorola V180 Cell PhoneA couple of months ago I accidentally dropped my cell phone into the toilet. That was a couple of days after it took a bath in Pepsi overnight when a cup leaked in my car (it survived this one just fine). Needless to say the poor phone was not in working order. That’s not quite true. I could turn it on, and if I timed it just right I could make a call to one of my speed dial numbers. If I didn’t, it would power down, reset itself, power back up again giving me another 5 second window to attempt the call. Because of all of the issues with the van, I held off replacing it (I really don’t make that many call on it). So I finally broke down this past weekend and purchased a Motorola V180 phone.

One of the features of the phone is that it has USB jack on it. With the right software, you can sync your contacts, load pictures, ring tones, and media files, and even use it as a modem for your computer. Because I’m a basic phone kind of guy, all I really wanted to do was to load my contacts out of Microsoft Outlook so that I didn’t have to type everything in by hand. After playing around for way too long I gave up on the free tools for the PC and switched my efforts to the Mac.

Even thought the v180 is not listed as a supported phone, Apple’s iSync works great with the phone right out of the box. iSync will sync my contacts from Apple’s Address Book to the phone’s memory (not the SIM card), it would also sync my calendar if I wanted.

The biggest challenge was now how to get my contacts out of Microsoft Outlook 2003 on the PC and into my Mac’s Address Book. Google to the rescue. After a quick search, I found an Address Book Importer. The importer takes a tab-delimited file and imports the contents into the Address Book. I exported my contacts out of Outlook (in tab-delimited format), used the tool to import. Oops, it appears that the export from Outlook was messed up (it didn’t export cleanly in tab-delimited format). OK, second try. This time I did the export to CSV (comma separated values); imported that file into Excel; saved as tab-delimited; and used the Address Book Importer. It worked great. To make things a little neater, I put all the imported addresses into a special group and only synced that group.

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  1. Mom

     /  March 31, 2005

    I wonder if your experimentation with the durability of this product and its results could be sold for a profit. Certainly you would cost the compnay a whole lot less than the PhDs in their lab. Also, another upside is that there is not teacher like experience. (I hope it is not too early in the am for humor.)

    How is the new phone working?

  2. Where did you get your USB cable? Motorola has them for $50, other sites online have them cheaper, but a lot of those sites feel a little sketchy.

  3. I used the cable off of my USB card reader. The connection is a mini USB Plug type B 5-pin cable. I just did a quick search on

    I used the cable for my Palm Tungsten E to connect to my v180. It was immediately recognized by iSync. Now if I could just figure out how to load pictures and ringtones I would be happy. I’ve only had the phone for 2 days, so maybe I will figure out something.

  4. I would love to load ring tones with my Mac too, but as far as I can tell there is currently no way to do that. There are a number of tools on the for the PC. Two good discussion can be found here and here. I’ve tried to loak the P2K tools on the PC at the office, but I haven’t spent much time getting it to it work so I can’t really comment at this point.

  5. John Howes

     /  April 14, 2005

    I discovered a web site that enables you to load your own pictures and ring tones to your phone. It is free, but you do have to pay for the web connection on your phone to receive the files. It takes a little work, but it does the job. Take a look at it here:

  6. Be warned that with the new version of iSync 2.0 (comes with Tiger), the Cingular version of the v180 is NOT supported. I’m very dissapointed to say the least. I’m going to google a bit and see what I can find as to why, and what can be done to re-enable it.

    Note the notes at the bottom of the page (6 and 7 for the v180)

  7. That’s a good warning. The v180 was not supported under Panther (10.3) either, but still worked. I’m not anticipating going to Tiger any time soon (no driving reason for the upgrade), but if you find anything out please let me know.

  8. Jocelyn

     /  July 27, 2005

    I used the usb cable for a psp. it was $5 at walmart and immediately recognized my phone. the only problem is that I don’t have the software to do anything with it. Tmobile has the desktop manager file available to download on their site, but it never works.

  9. I am using iSync 2.1.1 on OSX10.4.5 and it still syncs perfectly with my v180. I found sound scripts that allow for syncing iCal and Mac Address book with Entourage 2004 so now I have a way of syncing the v180 with Entourage! Here’s the link to purchase one of the scripts (one for iCal and one for Address book)

  10. Forgot to mention that I made a USB charging cable out of a retractable USB cable and a V180 car charger that had died. The USB data cable was made by connecting a standard USB male to female retractable cable with a male USB to mini USB plug at the end. Weird that the USB data cable doesn’t charge the phone?

    Now if I could just figure out how to get pictures and ringtones into this darn thing via my powerbook! I spent way too many hours putzin around with p2k and other programs in virtual pc 7.0.2 with no luck. VPC can see the V180 in its USB settings, but nothing is ever detected within Win98se or WinXPSP1.

  11. Erik Rivera

     /  February 20, 2007

    how do u upload pics from your computer to your phone using a usb cable. my phone is a motorola v180 and i have cingular but no internet

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