Stargate Atlantis (First Season)

I just finished watching the first season of Stargate Atlantis. (Thanks to the Internet I was able to download the episodes and watch them during my lunch hour.) When pilot for the show aired earlier this year, I only made it about an hour into the show before I got distracted. I caught bits and pieces of a few episodes when they aired, but I never really got into the show. It just didn’t hold my attention and I couldn’t get into the characters for some reason.

This time around I really enjoyed the show. It is/was still rough around the edges and in someways the characters were a little stereotypical. The story lines seemed to progress nicely, and the characters interactions were more believable for the most part. One area where the show is definitely lacking is in female character development. I know that there is a military aspect to what they are doing, but there should be some more women then just Teyla and Dr. Elizabeth Weir.

It seems that they are trying to mold John Sheppard into another Colonel Jack O’Neill, but I think they take the disrespect for authority a little too far.

It will be interesting to see how the season ending cliff-hanger ends up when the show returns in July.

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