Blog Explosion

I recently signed up for Blog Explosion. Blog Explosion is way to increase traffic to your website.

You read other blog sites and they in return visit your blog. Blogexplosion is the Internet’s first blog exchange where thousands of bloggers visit each other’s blogs in order to receive tons of blog traffic. Imagine how many other people out there could be adding your blog to their blogroller and how many people would be reading your blog every day with this sort of attention. It’s free to use!

It’s sort of a scam, but for every two blogs you read you get one visitor to your site. Additionally if you sign up for Blog Explosion and use me as a reference, I get a referral bonus for every site you visit.

So you might be wondering what this has done for so far? It has dramatically increased the number of unique visitors to my sight, but my true readership numbers (i.e. the amount of time people spend on pages) has actually decreased slightly. On the other hand I’ve visited a number of blogs that have been interesting. Look for some future posts that detail the sights that I’ve found. Additionally I’ll be adding a couple of sites to my Link list as well.

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  1. Well I have finally surfed to your site through Blog Explosion.

  2. There’s no question you’ll get a lot of folks breezing through but I know I’ve picked up readers I never would have otherwise and have myself found a whole bunch of interesting blogs. I think it’s worth it. And yes, I came here today through Blog Explosion. 😉

  3. Yeah. I’ve been using blog explosion. It’s not targeted traffic by any means. But, I have a little bandwidth I can burn. Nice idea for a blog directory.

  4. I came through BE as well. I know my blog traffic has increased as a result, but I still don’t get as many comments as I would like.


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