Sarah Crawls

Just about an hour ago I watched as Sarah officially crawled for the first time. She took three steps before going splat on her face. For the past week she has been trying really hard to crawl. It was a mixture of getting up on her knees, scrunching up her body, and then falling over and rolling to where she wanted to go. Tonight when I got home from work Fern had her loose on the kitchen floor while she was cooking dinner. Sarah was having a great time rolling, getting up and trying to crawl. She was so happy.

Fern took Ellie out to play with the neighbors, I had Sarah (still on kitchen floor eating her dinner). When it was time to go outside, I put Sarah on the carpet in the office so I could put on my shoes. Sarah made some sound, and I looked up and watched her take her three steps (crawling steps). It was wonderful, but I felt bad that Fern was not there to watch. We rushed outside and shared the good news.

This will definitely change the dynamics within the household. We’ll now have to baby-proof the house again. We’ll probably designate some sections of the house as Sarah friendly and others that will be Ellie friendly (i.e. where she can play with her small toys).

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  1. How sweet. My nephew began walking a few months ago and it’s the sweetest thing…of course, he’s always into everything!

  2. Parenting gets so much harder when they get mobile. My son is into everything and my daughter is still at that perfect four month old age where they are reponsive and fun- but blessedly immobile! Jonas is so into hotwheels and trains and other stuff with itty bitty pieces I don’t know how we are ever going to baby proof when Maggie starts crawling!

  3. Cannot recommend the SuperPlayYard enough. It’s a series of plastic gates that can be connected, or not. We started out with a BIG playpen, now we just have it blocking the tv and the kitchen…

    soon, we will be done with it!! (5 years, 2 kids later)


  4. She is really crawling up a storm now. While making dinner last I put her in the middle of the living, by the time I got to the kitchen and picked something of the floor she was already half way across the room. We’re going to have to baby proof the middle floor now. That’s going to mean moving all of Ellie’s toys else where and training her not to bring them down/up.

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