Back on the charts and a bunch of firsts

Sarah had her 9 month check-up earlier in the week, and she is back on the charts again. 95th percentile for all categories with a weight of 21.5 lbs. Also, this week she had a number of first including standing up by herself, and finally she has gotten her first tooth (top left). It broke through last night although I have yet to feel or see it.

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  1. Well, if you didn’t know that the tooth was coming in you were lucky, at least the little bundle of joy wasn’t in pain!

  2. If Sarah is anything like my daughter you will certainly feel it at some point in time. Those teeth may be little but WOW! They can use them most certainly 😀


  3. She is now working on her second. I’ve finally gotten a chance to feel the first and yes it is sharp.

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