The Baltic Trip, part 3 Lithuania

Another email from my folks, this time from Vilnius, Lithuania:

Sunday, 22 May, 8:50 pm

Hello loved ones!

Dad and I just finished a wonderful steak dinner. We had beer ice cream for dessert and it was so delicious. It was less sweet and less fatty than regular ice cream.

This morning we worshipped at a 410 year old Lutheran church in the old section of the capital city of Vilnius. The pastor is American. He has been here a year and will remain for another year to finish his commitment. He retired from a church in Wisconsin a year ago and the opening for missionary service was here. Chris (the pastor) and his wife, Cheryl, took the same summer trip to Russia that we did. To see them here was like meeting good old friends again.

From church we took a walking tour of old Vilnius which is within a few minutes of our hotel. After an hour lunch break, we took a bus tour of Vilnius and then out to a castle that is built on an island in the river. For the first time we got to do a tiny bit of shopping. It may be the only shopping we will get to do. The touring schedule has been so full that we have had to miss some sights simply because there has not been enough time.

The weather today and yesterday has been as near perfect as weather can get: sunny and very warm. The Lithuanian history is fascinating and we appreciate more than ever the distance these determined citizens have covered in 15 years. Lithuania was the first of the Baltics to gain independence.

Dad is having a ball with his camera and his new storage devise. He says that little gizmo is worth its weight in gold. We are anxious to see his pictures but it probably won’t happen very soon because we have the last Recker wedding to attend on Saturday after we get home and we need to prepare for Uncle Gary’s arrival on Sunday.

I miss all of you and it is killing me not to get to hear your voices. I will wait.

Mom & Dad

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