My commute just got a whole lot worse

Thanks to a new construction project on the Russell Street Bridge, my commute just got a whole lot worse. For 2 1/2 years!!!

The City of Baltimore, Department of Transportation will be replacing the 1,042 foot long bridge that carries Russell Street over Monroe Street. Construction is expected to take approximately 30 months to complete. During this project Russell Street will be reduced from six (6) lanes to three (3) lanes for much of the construction time. This lane reduction will impact traffic and delays are unavoidable.

No kidding! To top matters off, the surrounding streets will also be under construction too! Even worse, Russell Street runs right next to the Camden Yards baseball stadium so during ball games the already difficult traffic is now going to be twice as bad!

Russell Street is one of two major arteries north into Baltimore, and it is the one that is the most direct for me to get to work. The other way north is Interstate 95. So I’m basically going to be stuck with bad traffic for the next two years! 😦

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  1. I would take a look at taking Route 2 (Richie Hwy/Hanover St/Light St.) out to Pratt St. I am not sure what traffic is like on those roads during rush hour, but it might work. Of course, you could always start considering other options.

  2. If it makes you feel any better my commute started getting really bad a few years ago and is expected to stay that way for… EVER.

    But then I live just south of you in the bucolic Washington DC metro area.

  3. I used to work in Bethesda, MD and drove the DC beltway for 7 years. During that time the volume of traffic just kept increasing not to mention all of the work they did there too.

  4. I pulled that White Marsh, MD to Arlington, VA commute for four years before tackling the DC Beltway to Bethesda for six months. The commute to Arlington was MUCH easier. Of course, I’m quite happy with my 15-20 minute commute from Tysons Corner to Arlington right now. πŸ™‚

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