Baby Games and Signing

Sarah is getting quite expressive in her actions. We’ve been playing a number of games with her. We ask, “How big is Sarah?” She responds by raising her arms over head, or ask her to clap and she claps and gets really excited. She really is a lot of fun.

Just like with Ellie, we have been trying to teach Sarah some sign language. In the past couple of days she has started to regularly make the signs for milk and fan, and sometimes make the sign for more. Sign language with babies is a fantastic thing because it lets you reliably understand what your child wants before she is capable of speaking.

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  1. That’s intriguing – I never would have thought of doing that. Of course, I’d have to learn sign language first, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Michelle knows a little bit from her days as a nurse working with kids who had trach tubes and could not speak. She has not taught any to David or Samantha yet. If she did, I definitely would have to learn because, as you know, you can’t have your wife and your kids speaking a different language from you – who knows what they’re saying in front of your back! 😉

  2. We used it with Ellie. By the time she started to talk she probably knew about 30 different signs. However most of those were for objects and animals. We wish she had learned a few more action words. The ones that were most useful were, milk, more, and water. She never did the sign for eat.

    I remember being in a resturant when she was about a year old, and instead of throwing a fit becuase she wanted something that we didn’t understand. She made the sign for water and more and pointed at Fern’s cup.

    Once she started talking, she/we stopped using the signs. Neither of speak sign language so it wouldn’t have progressed much beyond what we did. There is a program by Dr. Joseph Garcia called Sign with you Baby they even have a website called Sign2Me.

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