WINventory – Hardware and Software Inventory Solution

SourceForge is a wonderful place. While surfing around yesterday I came across a fantastic new Open Source application for inventorying Windows based computers. WINventory is a computer hardware and software inventory system based on MySQL, PHP, VBScript, and WMI that provides a wealth of information about the PC’s on your network in an easy to use web interface.

WINventory not only tracks all the hardware facts about your system like memory, hard drives, battery, network, etc. it also tells you what software is installed, what OS patches you might be missing, your Windows and application CD keys, it can track software compliance, and provide a whole list of additional information. You can even use NMAP to scan the network for additional devices to automatically add to the system for tracking.

Scanning client machines can be accomplished in a number of ways. They can be scanned from an administrator station or they can be scanned locally on each machine. In order to input the results directly into the on-line database, each machine doing the scanning must have MySQL ODBC driver install. The second method is to scan in an offline mode where the output is placed in file for later importation. This second method works great via a login script.

I did an initial scan of 450 machines across our entire network (7 offices) and it completed in under 10 minutes. Once we put it into a production mode, we will run the scans in the offline mode via login script and schedule imports daily. That will still allow the option of doing an on-line scan of a single machine, a group of machines or the entire network whenever we feel the need.

Because the software is actively being developed, it is still a little rough around the edges. This is particularly noticeable in the documentation. Calling it sparse is an understatement, but once you play around for a little bit it becomes fairly clear.

The initial impression from my team is that this will be a great addition to our network management tools and they are looking forward to use it.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Documentation, one of those “I’ll do that soon” things !!! Hopefully that lack of docs won’t stop too many people from giving it a go. If you can setup php & MySQL, you should be able to use it.


  2. Mark,

    It really is a great product. I know that documentation will come some day, who knows maybe I can even provide some. One of the things that I look forward to is when you flesh out the Application Registry portion. It’s great that you can track who many copies you have installed vs owned, but the ability to group all version (i.e 7.0 and 7.0.1) into a single “app” is much needed.

    The other thing that we need need to do, is to tie WINventory into our existing inventory system. That way we can easily find out to whom a system is assinged. That will take a little work as it’s in classic ASP on a IIS box tied to a MSSQL database. One day we;ll get there.

    Thanks for all your hard work, and please keep on developing this great application.

  3. Please send me structure of pc_list_file.txt

     /  October 4, 2007

    Can you please send a format of pc_list_file.txt

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