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Sometimes it takes me a while to grasp the significance of things. For the longest time we’ve talked about keeping a log of all changes that we make to the servers at work, but we never seemed to get around to it. Who wants to write something by hand? Then while surfing yesterday I came across a site that mentioned that they used a blog for tracking server changes. Dang it! I should have thought of that a long time ago.

So in less than 5 minutes I had setup a WordPress blog at the office to track all the server/network changes. I created categories for each office, then sub-categories for each server or thing that I wanted to track in particular. All my staff created accounts and will now be recording all network and server changes in the blog. Simple, fast, and elegant. I lightly modified the FastTrack theme which I downloaded. I picked this one because it showed the category first then the title, which worked well for our implementation.

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  1. very innovative!

  2. Don’t know where the inspiration came from for you, but I have been tracking site changes and server admin via a blog for the last six months for close to 50 servers…. it’s the perfect change record, quick and simple, yet still keeps all of changes and the like available, and you can search things out about what you changed when.

  3. Excellent idea!

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