Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

Even though it has been around since 2001, I just recently stumbled across the Wikipedia, an online, free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It currently has over 600,000 entries. It is an amazing piece of public knowledge and it shows the power of what people can do with the Internet.

I’ve started linking terms that I use in my postings to relevant articles in the Wikipedia. Right now I do that by hand, but I’m hoping one day to use a plugin to WordPress to automate the process. I’ve found a couple of scripts that may be of help like the Wikipedizer from Scott Evans. I hope you enjoy the extra information as much as I do.

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  1. sure, but keep in mind that you aren’t always guaranteed accuracy in every wikipedia entry, according to my understanding.

  2. True, but with the ability to monitor the entire history of the article and the discussion associated with changes it’s pretty good. Now granted I have not been looking for something really obscure or technical or scientific yet, where that might be true.

  3. See this article: Wikipedia Plugin

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