Ultimate KVM Switch

After years having mediocre KVM switches at the offices we finally got what I think is the ultimate KVM switch. We just purchased and installed a Raritan Dominion KX216 this week. This box allows us to connect up to 16 computers to the switch (they have models which can support a whole lot more). The best part is that we can access the console across the network via a web browser. That means that we can remotely reboot servers and watch the BIOS information or make changes at the BIOS level without having to be in the office. Another feature is that it uses Cat-5 cabling to connect the servers to the switch, this does require that you purchase a special connector that attaches to server.

It is not a cheap solution, we paid just over $5,000 to get the entire system, but with the ongoing problems we were having with reboots on the old KVM it will quickly pay for itself. (With the older/cheaper KVM switches, our Dell servers would sometimes lose video on the console connection if the KVM port was not active when they booted). I can highly recommend these units for anyone thinking of upgrading.

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  1. That is a sweet KVM. I need to get something like that for my server room.

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