Great Day – Rough Night

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I mean beautiful. The sky was a New Mexico kinda of sky, crystal clear, no clouds, no haze, and as blue as blue can be. The temperature was nice, even in the sun, because there was a breeze blowing. For a surprise, we all walked to the Dunkin’ Donuts near our house for breakfast. Ellie of course had a doughnut with pink frosting and sprinkles, and Fern and I had egg and cheese bagels.

We then went shopping for groceries, and I got a haircut. This was after fixing Sarah’s car seat in my car. Now that she is a year old, she’s able to face forwards. We had not been using my car for much family traveling so her seat was not in properly. It is now. On the way home I filled up the tank in my car. I paid $3.06 for regular and was very happy at that price. On Friday and Saturday there were a number of stations that didn’t have any gas at all, or if they had anything it was premium and they were charging $3.75. Needless to say, we’ll be taking my car whenever possible instead of the van for the foreseeable future.

Later in the days the girls played outside with the neighbors, while I worked in the backyard. Now those of you who have seen our backyard, you know that calling it a yard is a misnomer. Because we live in the middle house in a row of townhouses that all backups up to 3-4 story tall trees, the backyard gets almost no sunshine. So I we have almost no grass. I guess the sandy, rocky soil doesn’t help much either. Anyhow, I worked out back cutting down some of the encroaching weeds/trees, laying down some more top soil and compost, and finally planting grass seed.

Also mixed throughout the day, I spent some time working on the next redesign of this site. It’s not done yet, but it is getting closer.

After dinner we got the girls to bed, pretty easily in fact because both were up early in the morning. Then the “fun” began. Ellie woke up twice screaming/crying (bad dreams we think) and not feeling well. The second time she went into Sarah’s room before we could stop her. Now both Sarah and Ellie are crying. Sarah has not been feeling her best (teeth, cold, we’re really not sure what is going on), and we struggled for quite a while to get her consoled. By this point it is nearly 1 AM and we’re both tired, and Fern has to get up early to be at church by 8:30 AM to talk about the new program we’re doing.

Long story short, great day – rough night.

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