Update Coming – Please Excuse the Mess

I’ve been working for the past couple of weeks on a major update of this site. Over the next week I plan to implement these changes and I expect pieces to break during this process so please bear with the mess. The plans include:

  • Updating the core WordPress installation to the latest version
  • Installing a new theme, K2
  • Updating the Gallery and better integrating it into the site via WPG2.
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  1. Ken,

    I just went through this. It can be a pain. Heck I created another alias and virtual host for my domain so I would have a place to put it all together, move DB items and test. Then when it’s all done, just copy the files and the DB.

    My biggest update was to start using the WordPress module for XOOPS. I like the WordPress plugin MUCH better than the weBLog plugin I was using. I just wish someone would come out with a Gallery 2 plugin for XOOPS. Might try and get the WordPress Gallery 2 plugin to work since you pointed that one out :-).

    Oh, and BTW, your K2 link isn’t working.


  2. I used a test db as well as a test site to for preping for the change. I’m still not 100% satistfied with everything, but decided to release as is and then tweek over the next few days.

    Thanks for the finding the broken K2 link. I’ve fixed it now.

  3. I hesitate when updating my WP files as well but went pretty smoothly I must say. I didnt have any hitches at all which was a shock.

  4. Ken,

    Just saw the Zeitgeist page. That’s Cool. Clicked one of the links and it took me to the article that came up for the search term. Really cool.


  5. Keith,

    If you want to try the Zeitgeist script on your site, you can find the link to script and directions at SearchReferralZeitgeist

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