High School Pictures – Class of ’87

In one of my earlier posts I talk about blackmailing one of my good friends by putting up a picture of him with his blond afro. Truth be told, I’m not even sure I have one. I’ve looked all over the house for my scrap book from my high school days and I can’t find it. I know it’s here somewhere, unless my Mom took it (it’s the big red one if you still have it Mom).

What I did find, however, were the senior pictures of a number of my good friends. They were a little worse for wear and I didn’t use a very good scanner, but I thought I’d embarrass us all by posting them to my gallery any way. The picture of me here is from Homecoming. The rest of the pictures are the senior pictures of the Class of 1987 (and one from the prom) and can be seen in my High School Gallery. So please stop on by and be sure and comment on the clothes, the hair, or whatever else makes you laugh.

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  1. Mom

     /  November 9, 2005

    To all the reader’s of Ken’s blog:

    I can actually remember when the boys looked like the pics in the gallery. Yes! They really were that handsome and hairy.

    Today they are just as handsome. As for the thinning hair: it simply exposes more of the wonderful brain space.

    I don’t think I have the scrapbook but looking for it will be my motivation for cleaning in places not visibile to the naked eye.

    Keep up the fun.


  2. Wow! Now *that* was a trip down memory lane! I keep forgetting we were ever that young. I mean, I *know* we were that young, and I have some fond, vivid, and rather… errrr… interesting memories of those days. But just seeing those old pictures, well, kind of brings it all back. It makes me appreciate those times, and think of how much we have all grown since then. Makes me thankful of the young man I was, and of the man that I’ve become (and am still becoming). Thanks for the trip.

    PS: I deny the existence of those so-called photos, and that so-called blond afro 🙂

  3. Molly Kuhlke Becker

     /  January 26, 2007

    I loved seeing the pictures and was surprised to see mine. The last time Ken(ny) and I spoke it was a fight. I’m honored I was included. It was fun seeing everyone’s photos. 20th year is coming up! Yikes!!!!! Hope I get to see some/all of you soon. 🙂 Molly

  4. Molly,

    Wow! It has really been a really long time. While I don’t remember our last conversation being a fight, I do remember that we didn’t part on the best of terms. It was probably my fault (most things like that are).

    What I do remember is the really long talks on the phone late into the night. Looking back on life, it almost makes me laugh over all of the teen angst that we experienced. All the boyfriend / girlfriend problems and how everything seemed so amazingly important almost like it was life or death. Now 20 years later and with two kids, I certainly have a completely different view.

    I’ll have to check, but I think your note in my senior year book is longer than all the rest of the others combined.

    Of the people who still can call me Kenny, I guessed you’d be about the 5th person in the whole world that I’d let do that 🙂 The others, besides my Mom, are Tom H., Shawn N., and Jim Z. I still keep in touch with although mostly just through Christmas cards anymore.

    I hope life has treated you well. I seems that you got married (guessing from the different last name). Even though I haven’t written much lately on my blog besides some really technical stuff, I have two wonderful daughters, a beautiful wife of 15 and half years.

    I would love to come to the 20th reunion and see a lot of you guys, but remember that I didn’t go to Falls High, but went to Walsh. So I won’t be there.

    I hope you don’t mind me putting up your picture. I’ll take it down if you want just let me know. And, please do keep in touch. While those were some difficult years for me, it is friends like you that made them bearable.

    God’s Peace,

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